How to Increase Views on YouTube in 2021?

July 18, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

How to Increase Views on YouTube in 2021?

Because of the evolution in technology, digital media platforms have taken over quite rapidly. Another reason why social and digital media has taken over is because of the pandemic. Most of the people are switched to online businesses and platforms after the spread of COVID-19 and world-wide lockdowns.

How to Increase Views on YouTube in 2021
How to Increase Views on YouTube in 2021

Life without digital media seems unimaginable – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are among the top social media platforms which are now used worldwide.

We can never deny how popular YouTube is. It has grown so much over all these years that living without watching a couple of videos seems unimaginable. With a wide range of videos – from funny ones to comprehensive educational ones – there is nothing you won’t find.

If want to increase views on YouTube videos, then you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways to increase views on YouTube videos. Read on.

Popularity of YouTube:

Before we move on to discussing the details about “how to get more views on YouTube” let’s learn a little about the popularity of YouTube.

Since it is the second most famous social media platform with almost 79% internet users, having an account on the platform is a good option. Currently, it has almost 2.3 billion users which are constantly increasing as well. Moreover, it is also the most famous search engine – having second place after Google. This is apparently the reason why most of the people are often choosing blogging, content creation and Vlogging on YouTube.

How Can You Increase Views on YouTube?

Because of the simplicity and user-friendliness YouTube has turned into a big social media family. It allows the content creators to share content and reach out to the audience easily.

Here are the tips to increase views on YouTube fast. Have a look.

Use Detailed and Keyword-Rich Titles:

Other than just a social media platform, YouTube is a place where you can upload videos, however, optimization is quite necessary for video search. This is where the keywords kick-in.

Don’t know what keywords are?

Well, keywords are specific words which makes search engine optimization easier. You can use different SEO tools like Google’s Keyword Planner which can help you select the relevant keywords for your videos. With the help of these keywords make sure you make a catchy title to attract the audience.

Optimize your Thumbnail Image:

Regardless of whether your videos appear on social media platforms, Google’s organic results page or suggested lists – a high-grade thumbnail image is significant. This makes the fonts readable and is also a great way to increase the views. Other than the titles and descriptions, a thumbnail image will help the algorithms to make understanding of videos easier.  

Optimize your Thumbnail Image
Optimize your Thumbnail Image

Create Playlists:

Organizing and creating playlists on your YouTube channel can assure that the audience keeps on watching your videos. However, you need to make sure that these videos are unique and distinctive from the rest of your content.

Create Playlists
Create Playlists

Encourage Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel:

As soon as the audience begins subscribing to your channel, views will automatically increase. By encouraging the people to subscribe to your channel and click the bell notification on, you can drive more viewers to your channel. Just make sure you do not ask them to subscribe in the beginning, this can sound a little too desperate.

Share your Video’s Links on Other Platforms:

To increase your YouTube viewership, you need to spread your word through other social media platforms. Moreover, YouTube monetization is also significant to make sure the views on the videos are increasing.

Sharing your video’s links on different social media platforms makes it easier for more people to know you’ve uploaded a video. Cross communication is one of the best ways to get views, therefore, along with a YouTube channel, it is important to engage with the audience on different social media platforms.

Share your Video’s Links on Other Platforms
Share your Video’s Links on Other Platforms


Promoting your videos is as important as creating them. If your videos are not getting views, then content creation is just a waste of time. If you want to increase the views on your YouTube videos, then follow these tips. You will certainly succeed.

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