React Native And Redux Using Hooks

Take your react.js skills to next level by building Native Android and IOS Apps using React Native

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.4

- Moble Application development using React native
- Accessing Camera and Image Gallery
- Uploading Images

What you'll learn

Moble Application development using React native
Accessing Camera and Image Gallery
Uploading Images
How to work with node js and express as a backend
Adding Navigation using React navigation v5
Redux for state management
Context API

* Requirements

* Basics of React js


This Course is the most updated course on React Native on internet.

Is hooks included ? yes. Is Navigation included ? Yes. Redux ? Of course !. Context API ? definitely.

we will be also learning about Animations basics to enhance user experience.

you will be learning every thing you need to know in order to become a job ready React Native developer.

We will begin from scratch step by step. First, we will learn how to make beautiful UI using React Native then slowly we will implement complex logic that you will use in your real life in React Native projects. we will also learn Node js and Express as this is required as a backed in Full stack application which other course don't teach.

Here is the list of projects which we will be making -

  • Employee App -

    company can use to store details on an employee like name,position,salary,picture etc.

    includes camera access, uploading images,redux,working with node js and express as a backend

  • Youtube clone -

    we will be making clone of youtube app using youtube api.

    includes how to add dark mode,toggle button to toggle theme,redux

  • Weather app -

    This app will show the weather conditions of any city.

    includes autocomplete when user types,saving city name on device storage

  • Notes App

    User can create and delete Notes

Who this course is for:

  • Who want to make Native mobile apps using Javascript and React

Course content

15 sections • 72 lectures

Introduction Preview 09:59

project overview Preview 03:28

complete code used in this project Preview 00:06

Installing React Native using expo Preview 09:16

Understanding Code Preview 15:00

Designing Home Screen part 1 Preview 16:02

Designing Home Screen part 2 and Flatlist Preview 13:47

Designing CreateEmployee Screen Preview 15:36

Adding Modal (popup) Preview 17:19

Designing Profile Screen part 1 Preview 11:36

Designing Profile Screen part 2 Preview 18:23

opening email app and Dialer App Preview 07:15

Installing and adding Navigation Preview 11:21

Customizing Header Preview 08:16

Making Profile screen dynamic Preview 09:36

setting up node js and mongodb Preview 09:51

making Schema and connecting to mongodb Preview 06:36

making post data route handler Preview 10:28

making update and delete route handler Preview 17:45

why ngrok Preview 06:04

Posting data from React native Preview 14:26

fetching records in home Screen Preview 16:17

Implementing pull to refresh feature Preview 08:01

deleting employee feature Preview 06:24

Updating Employee details Preview 17:29

Adding Keyboard Avoiding View Preview 05:11

Second App Overview Preview 02:08

creating header component Preview 21:08

creating Home screen Cards Preview 17:43

creating search screen header Preview 12:56

creating MiniCard component for search screen Preview 09:17

making use of youtube API to fetch videos Preview 25:17

fixing video image issue Preview 01:09

combining navigators theory and installing navigation v5 Preview 03:41

Creating screens and combining navigation Preview 10:31

Adding icons in tabs and wireing up navigation Preview 13:15

adding redux Preview 12:49

sharing data with home screen Preview 05:22

working on Explore Screen tab Preview 11:38

working on Video Player Screen Preview 19:38

Adding Dark Theme Preview 14:52

toggle theme using redux Preview 15:11

creating icon and splash screen Preview 09:24

building app using expo Preview 14:10

Third app overview Preview 01:23

creating project with React native cli Preview 04:14

creating header Preview 16:36

creating search screen with autocomplete Preview 14:21

working on home screen Preview 18:54

Adding tab navigation Preview 20:56

saving data on users device using async storage Preview 08:34

building app using android studio Preview 05:51

Animations basics Preview 07:31

understanding how interpolate works Preview 05:30

handling gestures Preview 11:51

Animating Header on scroll Preview 11:01

Instagram heart bounce animation Preview 28:24

Translating and rotating cards Preview 37:47

Fourth App overview Preview 01:46

creating context and using it Preview 13:40

adding reducer Preview 24:15

deleting record Preview 05:37

working on create notes screen Preview 17:33

working on show notes screen Preview 10:18

pre populating fields in edit screen Preview 11:39

handling update action Preview 07:11

Get my others for free Preview 00:00