Sap S4hana Transportation Management Tm 1909 Functional

Mastery in S4HANA TM 1909 as functional consultant also can work as TM Business Analyst & Prepare SAP TM Certification

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- S/4HANA Transportation Management 1909 Functional

What you'll learn

S/4HANA Transportation Management 1909 Functional

* Requirements

* Basic Logistics knowledge


1. S4HANA TM Overview

2. S4HANA TM Organization Structure

3. S4HANA TM Master Data

4. Integration of Sales order and Purchase order with S4HANA TM system ( Both Embedded and Side by Side system).

5. Freight Unit, Freight Order, FUBR Concept. Freight Order Management, Integration with SD and MM module.

6. Distance and Duration Determination ( GIS Integration with S4HANA TM 1909 system).

7. In depth concept of Selection Profile and Planning Profile.

8. In Compatibilities Concept and Demo

9. Subcontracting

10. Execution Process in S4HANA 1909 TM

11. Settlement Process and Integration with MM , Settlement Management and SD modules in S4HANA System.

12. Process Control Strategy

13. VSR Optimizer

Who this course is for:

  • SAP Consultant
  • Business Analyst

Course content

1 sections • 26 lectures

S4AHANA Transportation Management Preview 07:11

End to End Configuration Steps to setup S4HANA Transportation Management 1909

Organization Structure - Demo Preview 07:08

Means of Transport and resource Class - Demo Preview 09:15

How Can I add resource in Means of Transport

Add resource in Means of Transport

TM Master Data Preview 10:25

TM Master Data Demo Preview 16:37

Transportation Lane

Sales Order and Purchase order integration with TM Preview 16:19

Order Management Quick

Sales Order / Purchase Order integration with TM

FU Type and FUBR Preview 34:38

FO Type Demo Preview 12:36

FO/FU Quiz

FO/FU Quiz

Distance and Duration Determination Preview 31:04

Incompatibilities Demo Preview 41:41



Incompatibilities Quiz

Incompatibilities Quiz

Incompatibilities Quiz

Where do you assign the Incompatibilities in TM system

Selection Profile Preview 26:30

Selection Profile

Selection profile

TM Optimizer Overview Preview 42:43

Overview Carrier Selection Preview 25:51

Tendering Process overview Preview 13:56

Tendering Process Quiz

Tendering Process Quiz

Tendering profile

Tendering Profile

Freight Agreement & Charge Calculations- Demo Preview 35:23

Settlement Document Demo Preview 09:09